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Folding Knife Review Format

Folding knives are reviewed based on 10 categories, with a 10 point scale in each category. I’ve tried different systems and worked on this one for a while, and I think doing it this way allows for plenty of scoring variation from one knife to the next. My goal was to eliminate as much potential for overlap as possible, and this should really help the awesome stand out from the good and the awful stand out from the mediocre.

While I aim to make my reviews as objective as possible, it’s obviously impossible to be a human being and be 100% objective about everything. Some subjective value judgements are bound to be made, and you might not always agree, and that’s ok; I welcome any thoughts and arguments you might have in the comment sections of my posts. That said, I will do my best to stay objective and make mention of it when I’m inserting opinions over more objective criticisms. So don’t get too offended if I say something you don’t like or don’t agree with — just talk to me. I can’t promise I’ll always be completely objective, but I can promise I’ll always make fun of whiny commenters.


  1. Blade (shape, grind, heat treat, material, finish)
  2. Handle (ergonomics, grip, material)
  3. Lock (design, construction, security when closed, solidity when open, reliability)
  4. Clip (material, design, positioning, options)
  5. Design (looks, thoughtfulness, how well the knife serves its intended purpose)
  6. Deployment (ease, method, feel)
  7. Fit and Finish (quality of build, construction)
  8. Carry (weight, comfortability in the pocket)
  9. Versatility (can the knife multitask and how well, is it suitable for multiple carry environments)
  10. Maintenance (ease of disassembly and reassembly, cleaning, sharpening, field sharpening)

I’ll be carrying most knives for 3 to 4 weeks before passing final judgement, and knives that score very high will likely be revisited a year or two down the road to see how well they’ve aged. Some truly abysmal knives will probably not make it to 3 weeks of carry. A knife that makes an excellent first impression might take some time to show its flaws, but one that’s painfully awful out of the box doesn’t need so much time. I mean, I love you guys, but my sanity has its limits.

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